Winter charter from Liguria till Sicilia and Marocco till the Canary islands
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Winter charter from Liguria till Sicilia and Marocco till the Canary islands

Day Charter & Weekend Charter along the Italian Riviera

Set off on the unique Mediterranean by the sea

Explore the diversity of Marocco and discover the varied beauty of the Canary islands. Celebrate your special memorable christmas and new year eve on board of your yacht with a professional crew, gourmet chef and an all inclusive luxury five star service.

Marocco “ gods Land “ lies only few miles away from Europe. Its cities are some of the most exciting on the continent. From seaside valleys to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and only hours from the Western Sahara, there is endless beauty to discover. The right destination for adventure sailor, surfer and hiker.

Marrakech is a romantic contemporary seaside city with heady sights and a beautiful Islamic architecture. Impressive graceful mosques, palaces and gardens, the famous square and souk markets and the imposing Ouzoud waterfalls, the most awe-inspiring natural sights of Marrakesh. Past and present are truly hard to tell apart.

Casablanca is Located on the Northwestern tip of Africa, a port city on the Atlantic Ocean. Modern constructions blend with charming neighborhoods that reflect Arabic-Islamic heritage and the traces of the city’s colonial period. Perhaps  not as atmospheric as Marrakesh or Fez, Casablanca is the best representation of the modern nation with a traditional Moroccan and old French colonial architecture and happening urban beaches. A sprawling city with nightclubs, arts venues and modern restaurants but even Moorish buildings and Art Deco architecture, a good confluence of modernity and the traditional.

Fez is  the medieval capital of Morocco. The magical city has the best-preserved old city in the Arab world with a cultural and spiritual lineage. Many of the medina’s (today known as Fez el-Bali) most iconic monuments like mosques and medersas (religious schools) remember the glorious period of the city’s history. A supremely self-confident city with market stalls and local artisans, workshops, ornate fountains and local hammams and also the world’s largest car-free urban zone. Outside the medina in the newest part of Fez built by the French, it is another world entirely, comprised of boulevards, shops and busy traffic.

Agadir is a modern, cosmopolitan city included thrills and luxuries, with picturesque landscapes and six kilometre of soft white sand beaches. A busy port and street life with a refreshing sense of space and approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. The city was completely rebuilt following a devastating earthquake in 1960, the rebuilding efforts enhanced its natural surroundings and preserved the few historic sites left.

Canary Islands, just a hop from Morocco, comprise 7 main islands with unique spirit and charm. There is a lot to discover: dramatic  landscapes, white and black beaches, secret coves, scented pine forests, memorable volcanoes, miles of dunes and the traditional cuisine of the Canaries.  The beautiful subtropical climated Islands are very versatile.

Tenerife, the largest, all year excellent climated and most populous island, offer a extraordinary beauty and diversity. The island is full of stark contrasts and has an extremely varied fauna and flora, rich forests, deserts, wooded mountains, volcanoes and beautiful clean soft sand beaches which are sometimes black and sometimes golden.

Fuerteventura The second-largest island, was declared a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve by UNSECO in May 2009 and has the biggest and best with-golden sand beaches in the Canaries, surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful blue lagoons. The island is a beach lover paradise for water sports enthusiasts and have a great nightlife. A rocky-desert landscape with diverse cultural attractions and rich in architectural attractions, where you can combine beautifully natural surroundings and a relaxed laid-back way of life.

Gran Canaria is just wonderful. Much of the center of the island has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 2005 and is full of places to discover, with rich history in the cosmopolitan capital of Las Palmas. The third-largest  island has a lot of nature and contains the flora of the Macaronesian islands, one of the most delegate biodiversity hotspots worldwide. The sparsely populated region is a popular destination for hikers and offers a wonderful mix of exploration and relaxation. Pristine villages surrounded by terraced fields, with vast mountains which reveal their volcanic origin, long beautiful dune beaches, green ravines, pine-covered slopes, with palm trees in the valleys.

Lanzarote is an intriguing island with bizarre volcanic structures, blackened lava fields, a couple of impressive castles with a most historical charm and the Timanfaya National Park A Unesco Geopark since 2015. Nearly all of the buildings are white, thanks to the work of the local artist César Manrique, who wanted to protect the island’s traditional architectural style. It has always had a maritime atmosphere with endless white sand beaches washed by the sparkling Atlantic, pretty saltwater lagoons and glittering natural pools. An excellent place for hiker, cycler, surfer and diver.

La Palma is possibly the most beautiful but definitely the greenest of the canary islands which offers a unspoiled nature, the entire island has been declared a Unesco biosphere reserve. The capital is also an architectural gem, lined with beautiful balconied mansions and houses. Twisted rock formations, mountains and desertscapes of volcanic craters, golden beaches and tropical rainforests, tiny villages with breathtaking views and endless hiking trails, it is hard to find an unattractive corner.

La Gomera, also called the  Island of Columbus, is a peaceful and beautiful paradise with a tangible bohemian flair. The second smallest of the Canary Islands is an ecological treasure and its coast is dotted with small glittering black-pebble beaches set between cliffs and next to lush forests with the UNESCO World Heritage designation and a wild mountainous landscapes.

El Hierro and its Unesco Geopark declared a World Biosphere Reserve. The souled Island is characterised by conifer woods and agricultural lands, lush valleys and lava tube caves, soaring cliff scenery with  shimmering natural pools, crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning marine life and the the protected Mar de las Calmas, with its ethereal underwater wonders. Its a great place to relax and to discover.



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