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Our crew are made up of experts with over 15 years. We are joyful and exited to support and organize your next fantastic yacht charter in many ways: Leisure and comfort, rich and flavorful cusine, first-class customer service, selection of the ideal cruise route or great natural spots for your coming Day Cruise and to provide you with all the details you want and need to know regarding your upcoming charter.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or anniversary party, corporate yacht charters or to celebrate your sweet 18 on a very special way, here’s no better way to enjoy than aboard our luxury yachts and boats. Make it truly unforgettable and celebrate on the water!

Our definition of a perfect charter is the combination of comfort and luxury with the spirit of adventure. Whale watching, diving, Shark and Delphine swimming, water sports and fun, historical view and landscapes choose from over 100 amazing destinations and several nature spots through Italy and French.

Enjoying the winter highlights of the different countries and a special christmas and new years eve on board for all the family.

We are making the most of your special event however intimate or extravagant it may be. We offer Full Service for your coming vacation.

Book your cruise with LP Charter and we make your next holiday on the water truly unforgettable.


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